Modern Apizza


Ever find yourself hungry while driving upon interstate 95? Or do you visit New Haven ever for various of reasons? If so, then we suggest–we urge–you to seek out one of New Haven’s spectacular pizza places during your visit, specifically Modern Apizza. While Pepe’s may be the most famous of the New Haven pizza parlors, due to its recent relocations and branching out, Modern provides more variety of pizza and other choices, like their mouth-watering, three cheese calzone. To prove how worthy the food is here, people will usually wait up to an hour just to be seated. However, instead of complaining about the wait, their customers feel that the delayed gratification simply adds to the whole experience.

The pizza shown within the image above is their scrumptious Italian Bomb pizza, which is a margarita pizza topped with Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Onion, Pepper, Mushroom, and Garlic. While Modern Apizza is our top choice pick, other great runner-ups are Sally’s, Pepe’s, or Bar: any of these options will leave you full and satisfied.

If by now your stomach has begun to rumble, then we suggest you head over to State Street in New Haven to see for yourself why we believe this is the best Italian pizza place, or possible restaurant, in all of New Haven.

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